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After spending over 12 years in the education system as both a school leader and educator, Aimee saw first-hand how wellbeing easily becomes a low-level priority when other pressing matters demand attention. Along with these experiences, she combined her Masters of Educational Leadership and Health and Wellness Coaching Professional Certificate and research from hosting The Wonders of Wellbeing Podcast to create Well-Nest. Aimee's vision is to plant wellbeing at the heart of who schools are and what they do. She aims to support schools that are finding it tremendously difficult to not only support staff wellbeing but to know where to even begin.

We understand that working and leading teams in international schools can offer immense rewards, yet it can also present significant challenges. With a melting pot of various cultures and language differences, wellbeing can be a massive concern across the board. We specialise in helping international schools worldwide elevate their staff wellbeing. Our consulting services support school leaders to develop the skills and knowledge they need to design, implement and lead a culture of wellbeing. The coaching services support individuals and teams in taking gradual steps towards identifying and addressing the issues affecting wellbeing, both personally and professionally. Through personalised guidance, we provide strategic wellbeing growth maps that break down the process into manageable, actionable steps, ensuring progress is made towards restored wellness.

Our evidence-based services of coaching and consulting are for both the individual educator and whole-school organisations, no matter the size. As Aimee’s beautiful Nan would say, seeing teachers, administrators and school leaders thrive, both personally and professionally “warms the cockles of her heart”.

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How we can help you and your teams build a wellbeing growth map

Why Choose Well-Nest?

Our consulting services are tailored specifically to the unique needs
and priorities of international school leaders and are designed
to help you achieve the following outcomes:
Comprehensive Wellbeing Growth Maps: We work with you to develop a comprehensive wellbeing growth map by assessing the current situation of each unique school context, analyse the results and co-create actionable steps to reach your specific goals.
Enhanced Awareness: We offer personalised coaching to help members of staff enhance their holistic wellness, meta-awareness, stress management and emotional intelligence by developing the skills and knowledge required.
Alignment With School Standards: Managing a team in an international school involves aligning with the school's unique standards and expectations. We understand the importance of recognising and adapting to these specific standards and we are here to support you in establishing clear expectations for all stakeholders involved.
Increased Resilience, Enhanced Connection and Clear Purpose: Our consulting and coaching services were created to work with all of your staff both as a collective organisation and as individuals to boost resilience, engagement, motivation, connection, purpose and positive relationships.
Tailored Support: We are trained to work with diverse teams and create tailored support for individual schools Our expert educators and consultants work with you to develop a customised growth plan that reflects the various wellbeing needs to foster greater collaboration, growth and success within your organisation.

"Our priority is to promote sustainable staff wellbeing in schools."

- Founder and Owner, Aimee Parkinson

What educators and school leaders
are saying about Well-Nest...

“Working with Aimee has been a deeply grounding and uplifting experience both in the context of my wellbeing in the workplace as well as in the context of my personal life. Her professional and personalised approach allowed me to really open up and make moves to reform my life in a really positive way. The entirety of the experience was really energising and absolutely had a long-lasting positive impact on my life and sense of self. She was professional yet also really contextual to me - everything felt personalised and completely judgement free and open.”

Tess - MYP Science Teacher and Advisor
Tokyo International School

“Aimee asked good questions which allowed me to reflect on what is important to me. This gave me an opportunity to reflect on myself, my beliefs, strengths and weaknesses. I knew what I valued but no one has ever checked on me making sure I value what I value. I appreciated Aimee’s support throughout the process. ”

Makoto - PYP/MYP Physical Education Teacher and Activities Director
Tokyo International School

“Going through this process with Aimee was so valuable. It provided time for me to reflect on what I really need to grow and be happy. The tools and methods introduced by Aimee are ones I will continue to use in the future as they allow me to focus on the short term as part of my bigger goal. I feel more confident in creating necessary boundaries within my workplace and in my personal life that will both benefit myself and others around me. Most of all though, the time with Aimee made me realise that I must provide regular dedicated time for myself to reflect; this is a process I enjoy.”

Elen - MYP Visual Arts Teacher and Advisor
Tokyo International School

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With our hybrid consulting service for international schools, we empower you to create a culture of wellbeing that supports the physical, emotional and mental health of your staff members.

We have witnessed the transformative impact of schools prioritising the wellbeing of their staff members. By doing so, they become better equipped to deliver exceptional teaching and learning and provide unwavering support, ultimately fostering the success of the whole school.

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